There are tons of local cleaners in the Las Vegas area, and in fact, this area has some of the highest quality cleaners in the world and the best rug repair service. Why is that you may wonder, and the answer is because we have one of the highest concentration of Oriental rugs in the area for many reasons. One is that we are located near a lot of vendors that offer wholesale prices on Oriental rugs, and the other is that the style of rug in which we clean is very native to this part of the world.

Spanning centuries, Oriental rugs have been part of the decor of many areas, and has become ingrained in the stylistic culture of the area. This is why we not only have an abundance of rugs with which to work, but also a lot of people that have the experience needed to make sure the rugs are cleaned with the utmost in integrity and quality. Sometimes you need a rug fully cleaned after a great deal of wear and tear, and sometimes you just need a spot or two removed.

Now there is one thing that we know about cleaning and that is that there are different levels of cleaning needed and that no two rugs are the same. Because we are all rug enthusiasts, we understand these differences and know the exact level of care with which we need to handle each individual rug. The difference between us and other companies is that everything we do is backed by a great deal of knowledge and care.

Our Promise

We will treat your rug the same way we would treat our own, which is why there is no reason to go to a different place. We understand that importance of rugs and the price needed to clean them so well that what we do is the best level of service you can find in the Las Vegas are. Because we have been operating in this city for so long, we have exactly the level of experience needed to compete with a lot of other competent companies in the area, which is saying a lot.

We use the latest in high tech cleaning equipment and a community of knowledge to back everything that we do. We know what it is like to live in a landscape where money is tight, which is why we offer our services at a fraction of the price of other companies. You can be sure that our services come at a price you can afford and that the quality of steam cleaning and rug repair is unlike that of anything you have ever seen. Oriental rugs are so much of what we do that we can guarantee that our services are backed by a level of quality that our customers find second to none.

Come see the difference that experience and an understanding of what customers want can make. Steam cleaning is our specialty and the community comes first in our eyes.